Saturday, November 17, 2012

Paleo pancakes recipe

Hey guys, I want to share with you an AWESOME recipe that my mom makes for me all the time!

Paleo pancakes + Maple Syrup


3/4 cup sweet potato flour
1 tbs maple syrup
2 beaten eggs
1 tsp baking powder
2 ripe bananas - mashed
Pinch of salt
2 tbs vanilla


Beat eggs and mash bananas well (few or no lumps). Mix all ingredients and cook on a griddle at 300 degrees.

Notes: They are thin and cook quickly

Well, that's my recipe. Enjoy!

gluten-FRee apple muffins recipe

Hey guys I want to share this yummy recipe that my mom makes for mesometimes.

Gluten-Free apple muffins


Once cup of milk
medium apple chopped in chuncks
One cup plantain flour
2 eggs
2 tablespoons nut butter
1/4 cup almond meal
1 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
6 squirts syrup


Put all ingredients in blender

Pulse until apple chuncks are well blended

Switch to mix setting until all ingredients are combined

coat muffin tins with coconut oil

Fill muffin cup 2/3 full from blender

Bake on 350 degrees farenheight for 25 minutes on the middle rack of the oven.

Well, thats te recipe. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

European Journal part 4

The eleventh day of trip 6/2/12

Today we went to the vatican area, but we did not go into the museum or the church. Rome was very busy and you would tell it was old.

  • My souvenir
Today I got a souvenir. I chose  shirt that sais Roma Italia on it. It has a picture of a bicycle on it.

  • The Appartment
THis appartment outshines all the other ones. Mainly because it is spacious and we have our own girly room! my sister and I have our own room, yes! We hve a kitchen, a TV, our own room, all that great stuff.

The twelth day of trip

Today we took a water taxi to Muraco to see a demonstration of glass blowing. We took a water taxi to get there. A water taxi is bigger than a gondala, and a lot of people get at once.

  • Glass in Muraco
In Muraco we went to see a demonstration of glass blowing. It was very cool. The guy made a vase and a horse. the vase broke because of the quick temperature change.

  • An AWESOME dinner
Tonight mommy cooked us an AWESOME dinner! She made bosmati rice and grilled chicken and stir fried vegetables. They tasted amazing!

Thirteenth day of trip

This morning daddy rented us a gondola ride! it was very quiet and peaceful. Only occasionally did we here a vaparetto  pass by. They made waves. We passed a museum of natural history and a public school. We heared the children inside talking ad singing. After the gondola ride, the rest of the day was train rides.

We have a hotel suite instead of an apartment this time. It has the usual, two big beds with a tiny table in the middle. It has a big desk with a TV. The bathroom is near the door.

The Fourteenth day of trip

Today we are in Zurich, Switzerland. We walked through old town, which didn't look that old. We were on the banks of lake Zurich. We saw swans and ducks in the water. We got to feed them. All of us went on a Ferris wheel ride that we found in the middle of nowhere. We got some snacks at a stand and then we went into a high class chocolate shop. We walked around some more and went to a fast food restaurant. When we came back to our room we just hung out.

  •   Our Indian dinner
Tonight we ate at an Indian restaurant again. i had chicken curry, basmati rice, and naan (a really tasty bread). It tasted super yummy!

Well the flights back to New York and Florida weren't bad. Home again home again jiggity jig jig, as my dad would say.

European Journal part 3

Ninth Day of trip 5/31/12

Today we got on a train to Nice, France. Nice is near the mediteranean sea, and it's hot with little humidity.

  • Our apartment
Our appartment in Nice is very beautiful. It is similar to the one in Marseille with a few superlaties. One of them is, there is a pool here!

  • Our restaurant outing
Today we ook a bus downtown to find a restaurant at which to eat dinner. I ordered a big plate of noodles with meatballs. Mommy described it as "a two to three serving meal,". I finished i in two servings.

Tenth day of trip 5/32/12

Today we went swimming in the hotel provided pool. The water was very cold but guess what, I jumped in anyway! Me! That's right, I totally braved it!  Mommy got it on video. After we swam for a while we got out and relaxed in the sun.

  • The Bike Ride
This afternoon we decided to rent bikes! We tried for a long time but we couldn't getit so we gave up. But then mommy noticed something helpful. So we got it to work!  On the bike ride we came to another Miami Beach. There were a lot of flags includin the French, American, and Italian flags. it was at another beach called Florida Beach. On the way I fell and scraped my knee but i was okay.

  • The rest of the dayFor the rest of the day we walked     along le vieux ville/port. We saw a lot of fancy yachts. We also came to , a place with a stage where people were gathering for a concert and a sculpture of a human head made of lettes. We climbed in it. After we had stayed a while, we got hungry  so we went to a nice restaurant Indien (Indian restaurant in french). The food was delicious!

My European journal part 2

Fifth day of trip 5/26/12

today we went on a few tour buses, the red line and the green line.

  • Red/Green Line tour bus
On the red line tour bus we went to some famous places in Barcelona like Barri Gotic, where we got off at port Vell to get  something to eat. Finally we got at Poblenou to walk home. We took the green route there.

The sixth day of trip

Today we went to park Guëll (Guey)! Park Guëll is beautiful, and it has a great view of Barcelona. It was my favorite attraction of the whole trip! When we entered a main area that had seats with mosaïcs on them. Then we saw a structure that was made of rock. The rocks formed columns that held up a roof!

The seventh day of trip

Today was mostly train rides. We are trying to get to France. We took a train to Figuerez, and from there we went to Montpellier. Right when we got off the train in Montpellier we had to jump onto another one to get to Marsielle, where we are staying.

Eight day of trip

Today we went to the beach in Marseille. The water was cold, as suspected, so we didn't stay in long. We mostly sat on the beach and played in the pebbles. We found some unique ones.

  • Teaching daddy French
Teaching my dad French went pretty well. Daddy knows the basies like (hello/good morning, please, and thank you) in French. He learned much more, because we sang songs together and stuff like that. Daddy is getting the simple things, but there's still much to learn. Daddy's pronounciation is good and still developing.

Braces 101

I have braces, as you can see from my picture. You get braces if your teeth need straightening like mine. A lot of people might tell you that it is HORRIBLE, but it's not. The only thing that is bad is that you won't be able to eat popcorn, nuts, plantain chips, hard candies (does not include lollipops), and sticky things (caramel, not reed's ginger candies). The rest if the experience is fun! It's fun because it's something new and because you are probably gonna get new colors (small colored rubber bands). And everyone will pay you special attention.

The process: 

  1. You will lay down in a chair.
  2. A sucker thing will be put in your mouth to suck saliva out.
  3. Your teeth will be  cleaned with a liquid that does not taste good, stay away from it!
  4. Your teeth will be washed off and dried with nice water and air.
  5. After your teeth are cleaned cement will be put on your back Getty second-to-last before your molars, it tastes terrible and will burn your tongue, stay away from it!
  6. Next equipment will be put near your back teeth where the cement is to dry the cement. It will give a beep beep and then it will be moved to the other side of your mouth. Close your eyes during this process.
  7. You will rinse and you're done!
Note: Stay calm throughout this whole process and you will feel no pain. Everything will be fine if you trust your orthodontist and stay calm.

Friday, November 9, 2012

My European vacation Journal part 1

My European vacation Journal
First day of trip 5/22/12
today we got on an eight thirty plane to New York. The plane ride was fine after the take off. When we were descending my ear hurt. We got off the plane and started looking for battery park, and the statue of Liberty. We took alot of subways.
  • First Ferry Ride
To get to the statue of Liberty we hd to take a ferry! This was my first time ridding one. THe fairy ride was nice. As we approached the statue of Liberty we could see it! It was magnificently beautiful! I'd seen it in a lot of pictures! i didn't get off the ferry to see the statue up close. We didn't get off at Ellis island either. We decided it wouldn't be worth.
Secon day of Trip 5/23/12
Today we are in Madrid, Spain! When we got out of the airport, we went to a place with a lot of metros. We used them to get around. Once we got to our destination, we went outside. The locals speak spanish.
We rented a little appartment and settled in. It is smll with one bathroom one bedroom ( and one fouton). It has a folding table and a cute little kitchen. We went to a restaurant to get some dinner and then we took a walk around the city. We got our be situated and snuggled up for sleep.
Third day of trip
Today was very exciting! We went to the Prado museum. The paintings there dated back to when christ was supposedly alive ( which of course I don't believe cause I don't believe in god or Jesus). The paintings were mostly of white people who were naked or fat.
Next we went to the Rtiro park. It was beautiful! There were a lot of trees and other plants. We went into a recreation place and explored the work out items. We cam to a fountain and took a family photo.
At another park we found Daddy bought us ice cream as a treat! We got out of the and ate at a little restaurant. We ended up back at our appartment tired.
Fourth day of trip 5/25/12
Today we took a long train ride on the Eurail to get to Barcelona. Barcelona is beautiful and sort of like Madrid. but Barcelona has a nice beach. At the beach, the water was to cold to swim in. i laid out on the towel and watched a movie ( since I can't stand cold water). After a while my sister got bored by herself, so I started playing with her in the sand.
  • Our appartment
We live in a big appartment. it has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. One room just for us with a bunk bed just like home!

Drama in the life of girls 2 part2

This is the first part of a soap opra that my sister and I made. Hope it loads.

Homeschool drama club

I have been in a GREAT play with my homeschool drama club. It was called Inspector Detector and the case of the precious treasure. And we ere not those stupidoes on youtube who trashed the script  and everything else about the play.

I got the part of the baroness of Braunschweiger. I had to do a german accent which was super fun! And I had these two croonies at my side on stage who were the main elements of the comedy because they were idiots! Well actin like idiots, in real life they were my friends.

So in the play I was not actually a baroness, I was Greedy Gertie, a villan looking for the precious treasure inside the Precious mansion. I got arrested at the end of the play after tying p the inspector who was figuring out the case along the way.

It was the most fun with an accent I ever had.

Pic of my sister and I

I love my sister so very much!!!<3

Adachi on homeschooling

Hey guys, I told you that I am homeschooled. Well homeschooling is not that different from traditional school but it has its perks. If you homeschool you have to get up at 8:00 a.m. instead 6:30a.m. when you're like, "Mom I want to go back to sleep!". You get to learn at your own pace however slow or fast you are.

Another perk is that you usually belong to a homeschool group. My homeschool group is called the Palm Beach County homeschoolers. We meet on the second and fourth friday of each month at Seminole Park. It's really fun, you know you get to make fiends socialize play sports. I love it, I am definately a social buatterfly. Every year we have talent shows and end of the celebrations.

Parents who homeschool usualy don't give regular grades. For example when you are finihed ourwok you just show it to your parents and they say, "Good work!" or "Needs improvement." They don't give you letter grades.

Well I have been homeschooling since I was 2 years old and every year it has been AWESOME!!!! Show casing my talents every year. Seeing my best friends every other week (because if we see eachother every day we would get bored of eachother and argue to much). It is all AWESOME!!!!!

My youtube channel

Hey guys I have a youtube channel. It is called AdachiSelas. Check it out and subscribe!

My first blog


My first blog

Hey to all you bloggers out there! Here isa minibiography about myself. I have been homeschooled all my life. My favorite subject is math. I love music, reading, and learning. And my sister Mizan - - she is the best! Id on't have any pets anymore. I used to have a fish named Phoenix who recently died because she ate my sister's fish Snowball. In closing, I think it is good to enjoy every day and things that happen and the people around. It makes you feel very good, I know from experience.