Friday, November 9, 2012

Adachi on homeschooling

Hey guys, I told you that I am homeschooled. Well homeschooling is not that different from traditional school but it has its perks. If you homeschool you have to get up at 8:00 a.m. instead 6:30a.m. when you're like, "Mom I want to go back to sleep!". You get to learn at your own pace however slow or fast you are.

Another perk is that you usually belong to a homeschool group. My homeschool group is called the Palm Beach County homeschoolers. We meet on the second and fourth friday of each month at Seminole Park. It's really fun, you know you get to make fiends socialize play sports. I love it, I am definately a social buatterfly. Every year we have talent shows and end of the celebrations.

Parents who homeschool usualy don't give regular grades. For example when you are finihed ourwok you just show it to your parents and they say, "Good work!" or "Needs improvement." They don't give you letter grades.

Well I have been homeschooling since I was 2 years old and every year it has been AWESOME!!!! Show casing my talents every year. Seeing my best friends every other week (because if we see eachother every day we would get bored of eachother and argue to much). It is all AWESOME!!!!!

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