Friday, November 9, 2012

Homeschool drama club

I have been in a GREAT play with my homeschool drama club. It was called Inspector Detector and the case of the precious treasure. And we ere not those stupidoes on youtube who trashed the script  and everything else about the play.

I got the part of the baroness of Braunschweiger. I had to do a german accent which was super fun! And I had these two croonies at my side on stage who were the main elements of the comedy because they were idiots! Well actin like idiots, in real life they were my friends.

So in the play I was not actually a baroness, I was Greedy Gertie, a villan looking for the precious treasure inside the Precious mansion. I got arrested at the end of the play after tying p the inspector who was figuring out the case along the way.

It was the most fun with an accent I ever had.

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