Friday, November 9, 2012

My European vacation Journal part 1

My European vacation Journal
First day of trip 5/22/12
today we got on an eight thirty plane to New York. The plane ride was fine after the take off. When we were descending my ear hurt. We got off the plane and started looking for battery park, and the statue of Liberty. We took alot of subways.
  • First Ferry Ride
To get to the statue of Liberty we hd to take a ferry! This was my first time ridding one. THe fairy ride was nice. As we approached the statue of Liberty we could see it! It was magnificently beautiful! I'd seen it in a lot of pictures! i didn't get off the ferry to see the statue up close. We didn't get off at Ellis island either. We decided it wouldn't be worth.
Secon day of Trip 5/23/12
Today we are in Madrid, Spain! When we got out of the airport, we went to a place with a lot of metros. We used them to get around. Once we got to our destination, we went outside. The locals speak spanish.
We rented a little appartment and settled in. It is smll with one bathroom one bedroom ( and one fouton). It has a folding table and a cute little kitchen. We went to a restaurant to get some dinner and then we took a walk around the city. We got our be situated and snuggled up for sleep.
Third day of trip
Today was very exciting! We went to the Prado museum. The paintings there dated back to when christ was supposedly alive ( which of course I don't believe cause I don't believe in god or Jesus). The paintings were mostly of white people who were naked or fat.
Next we went to the Rtiro park. It was beautiful! There were a lot of trees and other plants. We went into a recreation place and explored the work out items. We cam to a fountain and took a family photo.
At another park we found Daddy bought us ice cream as a treat! We got out of the and ate at a little restaurant. We ended up back at our appartment tired.
Fourth day of trip 5/25/12
Today we took a long train ride on the Eurail to get to Barcelona. Barcelona is beautiful and sort of like Madrid. but Barcelona has a nice beach. At the beach, the water was to cold to swim in. i laid out on the towel and watched a movie ( since I can't stand cold water). After a while my sister got bored by herself, so I started playing with her in the sand.
  • Our appartment
We live in a big appartment. it has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. One room just for us with a bunk bed just like home!

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