Saturday, November 10, 2012

My European journal part 2

Fifth day of trip 5/26/12

today we went on a few tour buses, the red line and the green line.

  • Red/Green Line tour bus
On the red line tour bus we went to some famous places in Barcelona like Barri Gotic, where we got off at port Vell to get  something to eat. Finally we got at Poblenou to walk home. We took the green route there.

The sixth day of trip

Today we went to park Guëll (Guey)! Park Guëll is beautiful, and it has a great view of Barcelona. It was my favorite attraction of the whole trip! When we entered a main area that had seats with mosaïcs on them. Then we saw a structure that was made of rock. The rocks formed columns that held up a roof!

The seventh day of trip

Today was mostly train rides. We are trying to get to France. We took a train to Figuerez, and from there we went to Montpellier. Right when we got off the train in Montpellier we had to jump onto another one to get to Marsielle, where we are staying.

Eight day of trip

Today we went to the beach in Marseille. The water was cold, as suspected, so we didn't stay in long. We mostly sat on the beach and played in the pebbles. We found some unique ones.

  • Teaching daddy French
Teaching my dad French went pretty well. Daddy knows the basies like (hello/good morning, please, and thank you) in French. He learned much more, because we sang songs together and stuff like that. Daddy is getting the simple things, but there's still much to learn. Daddy's pronounciation is good and still developing.

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