Saturday, November 10, 2012

European Journal part 3

Ninth Day of trip 5/31/12

Today we got on a train to Nice, France. Nice is near the mediteranean sea, and it's hot with little humidity.

  • Our apartment
Our appartment in Nice is very beautiful. It is similar to the one in Marseille with a few superlaties. One of them is, there is a pool here!

  • Our restaurant outing
Today we ook a bus downtown to find a restaurant at which to eat dinner. I ordered a big plate of noodles with meatballs. Mommy described it as "a two to three serving meal,". I finished i in two servings.

Tenth day of trip 5/32/12

Today we went swimming in the hotel provided pool. The water was very cold but guess what, I jumped in anyway! Me! That's right, I totally braved it!  Mommy got it on video. After we swam for a while we got out and relaxed in the sun.

  • The Bike Ride
This afternoon we decided to rent bikes! We tried for a long time but we couldn't getit so we gave up. But then mommy noticed something helpful. So we got it to work!  On the bike ride we came to another Miami Beach. There were a lot of flags includin the French, American, and Italian flags. it was at another beach called Florida Beach. On the way I fell and scraped my knee but i was okay.

  • The rest of the dayFor the rest of the day we walked     along le vieux ville/port. We saw a lot of fancy yachts. We also came to , a place with a stage where people were gathering for a concert and a sculpture of a human head made of lettes. We climbed in it. After we had stayed a while, we got hungry  so we went to a nice restaurant Indien (Indian restaurant in french). The food was delicious!

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