Thursday, February 7, 2013

My trip to LegoLand entry 2

Another very fun part of my trip to LegoLand was when we went to Lego Kingdom after lunch. My friend, my sister, and I pretended that we were princesses running away from our parents because we wanted to be normal teenagers. We ran around our castle. Then, we went on a ride that was similar to the one at the fair called the super himilayas.

We pretended that a wizard was transfering us to a whole new world and leaving our royal parents behind.

The last ride we did in lego kingdom was the Dragon. I have to say it was not very thrilling. Not quite but almost boring.

After that, we went to Lego adventure land. In Lego Adventure land we rode a ride where we had to shoot at red dots to defeat an evil villian. It was cool, but the dark tunnel was kinda scary. I screamed a lot.

One ride in Lego Adventure Land we just couldn't get enough of was, the beatle bounce. It was so fun. It was kind of like the drop of fear at the fair.

I went on all the roller coasters there (except for the baby ones) but the highlight of the day was Project X! It was THE SCARIEST roller coaster I have EVER been on! At the start you roll out onto the track, you turn and then BOOM 20ft drop! God I was clenching my teeth and literally grrrring! I was so stinkin' scared!

I had an AWESOME time at LegoLand and made some unforgetable memories. That just shows what they say on the Disney commercials ISN'T TRUE!

My trip to Lego land entry 1


I recently went on a trip to LegoLand in Winter Haven, Florida. It was AWESOME!! I went with my homeschool group so atfirst we were just waiting aoutside for people. But when we got in, I could already see some cool dinosaurs made out of legos.

Af ter we entered the park every one split up into groups. I was in a group with a couple of my friends and are parents were chaperones.

The first we did was go on the coastersaurus on our way to driving school. I didn't go on it but some of my friends did. I stayed with the chaperones and one of my friends who doesn't like roller coasters.

At driving school we went in, got our pictures taken, and watched a tutorial about safe driving. After that we got on the rode. The "rode" I am talking about is a tiny version or the actual rode with stop signs, stop lights, and turns. It was very fun!

Next we went on flight school. It's a roller coaster. I got tramatized on a roller coaster so I have been afraid of roller coasters for a long time. But, this year at the fair I went on a "head shaking" roller coaster (it literally shook our heads). Anyway, flight school was fun! your are in seats just like the seats on a plane and you are under the tracks. It has twists, turn, and drops, just like any roller coaster.

Then we went to boating school. We had a system where we would pick partners and do rides with them. We would all choose a certain friend. The line wasn't that long but it took us a long time to get in the water because the boats are super slow.

When we got in the water, I was the one steering. It was hard at first, but I got the hang of it. You have to turn very slightly then level out to have a smooth turn. Also, we were able to avoid all the things along the way squirting water at us.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Okay, first I am putting out a poll. Which to you guys like better:

  • M&Ms
  • Lolipops
  • Smartys
  • Hersheys chocolate
Make sure to comment and tell me which you guys like.
p.s. I am crazy about M&Ms! J'adore M&Ms!

Second, has anyone noticed that boys are annoying?

I am 11 years old. Boys around my age are coco! They are super annoying! There is this one kid Xavier in my homeschool group, he is terrible. We are always fighting and calling eachother names and stuff. What do you guys think is going on here? I am pretty sure that he has a big fat crush on me.

Third, look!

This is the CUTEST anime puppy I have ever seen! Mostly because I don't watch anime. Peace out peeps!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Paleo pancakes recipe

Hey guys, I want to share with you an AWESOME recipe that my mom makes for me all the time!

Paleo pancakes + Maple Syrup


3/4 cup sweet potato flour
1 tbs maple syrup
2 beaten eggs
1 tsp baking powder
2 ripe bananas - mashed
Pinch of salt
2 tbs vanilla


Beat eggs and mash bananas well (few or no lumps). Mix all ingredients and cook on a griddle at 300 degrees.

Notes: They are thin and cook quickly

Well, that's my recipe. Enjoy!

gluten-FRee apple muffins recipe

Hey guys I want to share this yummy recipe that my mom makes for mesometimes.

Gluten-Free apple muffins


Once cup of milk
medium apple chopped in chuncks
One cup plantain flour
2 eggs
2 tablespoons nut butter
1/4 cup almond meal
1 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
6 squirts syrup


Put all ingredients in blender

Pulse until apple chuncks are well blended

Switch to mix setting until all ingredients are combined

coat muffin tins with coconut oil

Fill muffin cup 2/3 full from blender

Bake on 350 degrees farenheight for 25 minutes on the middle rack of the oven.

Well, thats te recipe. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

European Journal part 4

The eleventh day of trip 6/2/12

Today we went to the vatican area, but we did not go into the museum or the church. Rome was very busy and you would tell it was old.

  • My souvenir
Today I got a souvenir. I chose  shirt that sais Roma Italia on it. It has a picture of a bicycle on it.

  • The Appartment
THis appartment outshines all the other ones. Mainly because it is spacious and we have our own girly room! my sister and I have our own room, yes! We hve a kitchen, a TV, our own room, all that great stuff.

The twelth day of trip

Today we took a water taxi to Muraco to see a demonstration of glass blowing. We took a water taxi to get there. A water taxi is bigger than a gondala, and a lot of people get at once.

  • Glass in Muraco
In Muraco we went to see a demonstration of glass blowing. It was very cool. The guy made a vase and a horse. the vase broke because of the quick temperature change.

  • An AWESOME dinner
Tonight mommy cooked us an AWESOME dinner! She made bosmati rice and grilled chicken and stir fried vegetables. They tasted amazing!

Thirteenth day of trip

This morning daddy rented us a gondola ride! it was very quiet and peaceful. Only occasionally did we here a vaparetto  pass by. They made waves. We passed a museum of natural history and a public school. We heared the children inside talking ad singing. After the gondola ride, the rest of the day was train rides.

We have a hotel suite instead of an apartment this time. It has the usual, two big beds with a tiny table in the middle. It has a big desk with a TV. The bathroom is near the door.

The Fourteenth day of trip

Today we are in Zurich, Switzerland. We walked through old town, which didn't look that old. We were on the banks of lake Zurich. We saw swans and ducks in the water. We got to feed them. All of us went on a Ferris wheel ride that we found in the middle of nowhere. We got some snacks at a stand and then we went into a high class chocolate shop. We walked around some more and went to a fast food restaurant. When we came back to our room we just hung out.

  •   Our Indian dinner
Tonight we ate at an Indian restaurant again. i had chicken curry, basmati rice, and naan (a really tasty bread). It tasted super yummy!

Well the flights back to New York and Florida weren't bad. Home again home again jiggity jig jig, as my dad would say.

European Journal part 3

Ninth Day of trip 5/31/12

Today we got on a train to Nice, France. Nice is near the mediteranean sea, and it's hot with little humidity.

  • Our apartment
Our appartment in Nice is very beautiful. It is similar to the one in Marseille with a few superlaties. One of them is, there is a pool here!

  • Our restaurant outing
Today we ook a bus downtown to find a restaurant at which to eat dinner. I ordered a big plate of noodles with meatballs. Mommy described it as "a two to three serving meal,". I finished i in two servings.

Tenth day of trip 5/32/12

Today we went swimming in the hotel provided pool. The water was very cold but guess what, I jumped in anyway! Me! That's right, I totally braved it!  Mommy got it on video. After we swam for a while we got out and relaxed in the sun.

  • The Bike Ride
This afternoon we decided to rent bikes! We tried for a long time but we couldn't getit so we gave up. But then mommy noticed something helpful. So we got it to work!  On the bike ride we came to another Miami Beach. There were a lot of flags includin the French, American, and Italian flags. it was at another beach called Florida Beach. On the way I fell and scraped my knee but i was okay.

  • The rest of the dayFor the rest of the day we walked     along le vieux ville/port. We saw a lot of fancy yachts. We also came to , a place with a stage where people were gathering for a concert and a sculpture of a human head made of lettes. We climbed in it. After we had stayed a while, we got hungry  so we went to a nice restaurant Indien (Indian restaurant in french). The food was delicious!