Thursday, February 7, 2013

My trip to LegoLand entry 2

Another very fun part of my trip to LegoLand was when we went to Lego Kingdom after lunch. My friend, my sister, and I pretended that we were princesses running away from our parents because we wanted to be normal teenagers. We ran around our castle. Then, we went on a ride that was similar to the one at the fair called the super himilayas.

We pretended that a wizard was transfering us to a whole new world and leaving our royal parents behind.

The last ride we did in lego kingdom was the Dragon. I have to say it was not very thrilling. Not quite but almost boring.

After that, we went to Lego adventure land. In Lego Adventure land we rode a ride where we had to shoot at red dots to defeat an evil villian. It was cool, but the dark tunnel was kinda scary. I screamed a lot.

One ride in Lego Adventure Land we just couldn't get enough of was, the beatle bounce. It was so fun. It was kind of like the drop of fear at the fair.

I went on all the roller coasters there (except for the baby ones) but the highlight of the day was Project X! It was THE SCARIEST roller coaster I have EVER been on! At the start you roll out onto the track, you turn and then BOOM 20ft drop! God I was clenching my teeth and literally grrrring! I was so stinkin' scared!

I had an AWESOME time at LegoLand and made some unforgetable memories. That just shows what they say on the Disney commercials ISN'T TRUE!

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